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          Welcome: Water cube smart toilet - ingenuity creates the future of wisdom.
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          97人人模人人爽人人喊|人人澡 人人澡 人人看|人人超人人超碰超国产|久久人人97超碰人人澡

          97人人模人人爽人人喊|人人澡 人人澡 人人看|人人超人人超碰超国产|久久人人97超碰人人澡

          With the progress of science and technology, life began to enter a poetic time

          The high quality of life you need has come,

          Step into the bathroom, you will see a clean and bright art

          You can't help but smile

          Sit down and the sensor sends out a signal that the seat will automatically warm up

          Rest gently and relax

          Quietly enjoy the warm, soft water with your whisper

          The warm wind gently caressed the skin

          Enjoy the moment with abandon

          When you stand up,automatic flush function will follow you

          Deodorization has already begun to work quietly

          Looking back at anytime,the water swirled like a flower, and there was no noise

          The smooth glaze is still as white as new

          On inconvenient days, replace the sanitary pad and throw it into the nearby garbage processor

          The baby's urine is not wet after urination and is thrown into the garbage disposal

          After a hard day's work, you went to the basin to wash away your face

          Cleaning cotton that removes makeup and scrubbing water is still thrown into the garbage disposa

          Apply a mask and lie on the couch and watch TV

          When the mask dries, walk into the bathroom and throw it into the garbage disposal

          After washing yourself in the morning, open it and take a look at the bucket

          Gently press the start button, so the garbage is processed

          Open the lid and everything is as clean as new except for a few drops of water hanging on the inner wall

          That's the quality of life that water cube gives you

          The night began quietly

          There was a small yellow light on the head of the bed

          You wake up from your sleep and tiptoe to the little bed

          The baby was sleeping soundly

          Whisper into the bathroom, a soft blue light drive you out of the night

          As you approach it, the cover rises slowly

          After you leave, the cover falls quietly

          Go to little bed, little baby still sleep soundly

          Water cube builds quality of life for you

          97人人模人人爽人人喊|人人澡 人人澡 人人看|人人超人人超碰超国产|久久人人97超碰人人澡

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