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          Welcome: Water cube smart toilet - ingenuity creates the future of wisdom.
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          About us

          China water cube holding group co., LTD. Is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating r&d, production and sales, and holds the "water cube" national brand. At present, the company vigorously develops and produces new low-carbon environmental protection products such as garbage processor, air purifier and intelligent toilet. Group has five productive company: zhejiang united cubic environmental technology co., LTD., zhejiang water cube purification equipment co., LTD., zhejiang water cube suye co., LTD., zhejiang water cube intelligent technology co., LTD., zhejiang water cube life electric appliance co., LTD. Through the integration of industrial resources, the group integrates the brand + Internet + real economy model, and makes strong national brands, so that "water cube" brand goes to the world.
          Zhejiang water cube intelligent technology co., LTD., as one of the water cube group, a subsidiary, is specialized in intelligent sanitary ware products design, development, production, sales and service, is the leading domestic electronic implement r&d center and manufacturing standards.
          Companies adhere to the "brand diversity, new retail, intelligent home" development direction, for the purpose of the Olympic spirit, the national brand, always implement the "harmony, innovation, development and win-win" business philosophy, science and technology as the guide, with intelligence as the core, aiming at practical, with professional casting brand, based in China, serving global, is committed to become a smart home pilot!

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          CONTACT US

          Contact: Manager Liu

          Phone: 181 0576 0777

          Tel: 15689875641

          Email: lieiny@163..com

          Add: No.809, haihong road, jiaojiang district, taizhou city, zhejiang province.

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